About my Plone contributions

My Plone contributions

I am a Technical Director at Covantec R.L. and Conectivo C.A. firm. I am a partner of PloneGov communities such as IMIO (old CommunesPlone) in Belgium; Interlegis in Brazilian Federal Senate. I am a technical reviewer of 'Packt publishing' Editorial in the cookbook called "Plone Intranet".

Also I am a Open source activist and contributor for several projects like Opencore Software used in the CoActivate.org initiative in USA, the World Forum Social platform called "OpenFSM" used in France and Africa. In Venezuela and Canaima GNU/Linux (a Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution from Venezuelan government).


I am a Plone Core Developer from 2012. Currently, I maintain Spanish translations over 49 Plone packages, published in PyPI. Of which 1 is the core of Plone, 2 are of the Plone Foundation.

I am developed for many Plone versions like 2.5.5, 3.0.6, 3.3.6, 4.1, 4.3.3.

I am developed some pipelines for migrate data from Joomla! to Plone using Transmogrifier.

A public gallery of some improvements about Plone Products translations https://plus.google.com/photos/+LeonardoJCaballeroG/albums/5299092715259929793

A public list of Website release http://plone.org/support/providers/leonardo-j-caballero-g


I maintain the official Spanish Plone documentation, in which I write new articles in various areas of Python, Zope, Plone. I also keep the article by Plone, Zope, ZODB in Spanish Wikipedia.


Since 2008, when we received training in Plone in Cenditel made by Roberto Allende with your company Menttes. I start the spread of Plone in the Government of Venezuela in different organizations as a result of this work to capture new users and developers who used Plone as their working platform.

Also I am a co-founder of the Venezuelan Plone community from 2009. As of August 2013 we consist proven over 14 Plonistas who have done Intranet, Web sites implementations, Plone contributions to translations, documentation writers, community promoters in Venezuela.

Community Support

I help new Plone users via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin; through references to the #Plone hashtab or discussion groups willing to talk about Plone. In addition to the traditional mailing lists Usuarios Plone, Plone Cono-sur, Plone Venezuela - Discusión. And eventually for IRC channel #plone-es.

Plone Advisory Board Members

I am an Advisory Board Member from 2012, and have since spread Plone as ambassador Plone Foundation in various Venezuela government organizations, obtaining the result that many government organizations are seriously betting Plone, for example CANTV, the main telecommunications company in Venezuelan and the Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información (CNTI), is the organization that governing of ICT in the Venezuela government, who so far are betting on the use of Plone in the implementation of the electronic government.

Plone Symposium South America

I have attended three times as a speaker and contributor.

World Plone Day in Venezuela

I organized in Venezuela World Plone Day from 2008.

Venezuela Plone Day

Because the World Plone Day 2013 could not be performed on the scheduled date, the PloneVe community decided to make a local event called Venezuela Plone Day, in order to enforce the dissemination of Plone in Venezuela.

Sprint / Cayapas

Others events

I have also served as an evangelist of Plone since 2008 in many local events in Venezuela and Brazil.


I have written and I helped keep updated several articles about Zope and Plone technologies for Spanish reader:

Also contributed with improvements spell check and Spanish translation of "Mastering Plone training", from my Plone training in Venezuela.


I created a Plone Transifex organization to manage iniciatives to translate Plone solutions from differents languages, even where the source language is other than English.


PloneGov localizations

Plone documentations


I maintaining the following services:


I created some configurations for Plone demonstrations in different use case, the following are:

The idea is create some website demo public for new users, like a solution's proposal presented by Nejc Zupan with https://github.com/niteoweb/heroku-buildpack-plone.


I try to maintain my unit tests for my Plone installations and new products development.